A project for OUR CITY, OUR STORY: http://ourcityourstory.com/ The Day Light Hours

Today I asked 50 people to answer one question. I asked these individuals not to tell me their answer, but to write it down. Afterward, I took their photograph while they held up a chalkboard with one simple phrase. This question wasn't heavily formulated but many found it difficult to answer:

'What is the best part of your day?'

It's a question that often gets overlooked as we go through our day. We get trapped in trying to find solutions and concentrate on what's not going right.

Yet, today I asked people to stop, quite literally, and show me what was going right. The answers are astonishing and moving. Some people refused, saying they didn't have any "best" part to their day. Others asked me to jot down their answers because they didn't know how to write. I would sit and chat with each person, let them pet my dog, and share ideas about focusing on The Positive. Every response I photographed was unique, heartfelt, and authentic.

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