Becca & Ben

Bride + Groom

Esplanade Lakes, Downers Grove

Couples of all kinds seeking the highest quality, documentarian style photography for their wedding day: look no further than Mindy Joy Photography. Let me begin this review with this: as a photographer myself, I searched for hours and days to find someone who had what we were looking for in style, documentation tendencies, and eye for the art of photography and a clear sense of humor—Mindy went above and beyond the call of duty.

She and her lovely assistant drove through Chicago rush hour traffic to meet us on a summer afternoon/evening along the Chicagoland lakefront. They wasted no time in helping us both relax, get into the mood to be photographed and truly be our authentic selves. We are not cliché, pose-y people, and I truly feel that Mindy documented our pre-marital love in the most authentic, flawless and unique way. Our friends and family were mind blown just by the engagement pictures, and we have them hung around our home, soon to be coupled with wedding day pictures.

As for the wedding, we were truly rendered speechless. Mindy and Brian came in with figurative guns-a-blazing—they were present, enthusiastic and genuinely excited to be part of our day. Mindy blended right into my group of friends, the bridal party genuinely interested in being members of her fan club. They worked diligently, quickly, quietly and creatively to help document the most subtle yet arguably most beautiful shots of the day. From the individual portraits, to the first look, to the ceremony, to the dance floor and beyond—looking back through our pictures brought back the heart pounding, adrenaline filled moments, the overwhelmed-with-happiness tears, and belly laughter at some of the things she and Brian managed to capture.

She ended the evening with a big hug and handing us a stack of mini polaroids—pictures she had taken THAT DAY—as a momento for the evening. I can think of nothing else we received that made us feel the way those polaroids made us feel. They were immediately shared with friends and family and looked at hundreds of times in just a matter of days—what an incredibly thoughtful, loving and brilliant way to send off your bride and groom.

Anyone and everyone who is looking for authentic, beautiful, REAL documentation of one of the biggest days of your life should seek out Mindy Joy Photography. We are eternally grateful for her time, talent, patience, energy and her willingness to share her innate talent and brilliance with the world through her photography.

Amanda & Tyler


Orchard Ridge Farms

Working with you was such a wonderful experience! I have had many people from the wedding mention how great it was to have you there photographing. One of my bridesmaids told me that a lot of bride's end up disappointed with their photos, but once I sent her the link to these photos that you took, she was blown away by how beautiful they turned out! Seriously, these photos are gorgeous and I am so excited to be able to have them, print them, share them, etc. I am so glad that I took the time to find the right photographer for my wedding; you were perfect!!

I also wanted to say that you giving us those mini polaroids right before we left for our honeymoon, was so special for Tyler and myself. The wedding day just flies by so fast, so it's nice to see that not only is there proof that it actually happened, but that it was a beautiful day! I also loved the presentation of the wooden box with the USB drive and printed photos; that was really special for me to receive!

Thank you for not only sharing in Tyler's and my special day, but for capturing the people and the memories. These photos will be joyfully looked at for years to come. And yes, even the photos of me fainting look beautiful; I'm not quite sure how you pulled that off, but you did.

Jessica & Scott

Wedding Photos

Hiring Mindy as our wedding photographer was easily one of the best choices we made for our wedding. We wanted a photojournalism-style photographer who would observe while we enjoyed our day and capture us naturally without making us pose for hours and hours of staged shots. (Not that there's anything wrong with portraits. It's just not our style.) Mindy gave us what we wanted and so much more. She made sure we got the requisite formal shots with our families but also caught amazing candid shots throughout the day. She and her second shooter weaved around seamlessly. They expertly caught every key moment of the day and captured little moments that I wouldn't have thought to put on film. One of my favorite shots was taken while my brand-new husband and I are hurriedly sneaking a drink while waiting for his large family to assemble for a formal shot behind us during the cocktail hour. I didn't even know Mindy was shooting at that moment, but the photo perfectly captures who we are as a couple. Our wedding was a fun, joyful event, and Mindy's photos reflect the spirit of the day exactly. She was also professional, a pleasure to work with, and fast - our gallery was ready to be viewed with a week! Hire her immediately.

Jesse & Colin


Midway Village Museum Wedding

Our wedding photos are simply stunning, raw, and convey the many emotions and moments of our special day! I am overjoyed with how they turned out! Mindy has such an amazing talent and even the "posed" pictures have a candid look to them--exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you so much Mindy, you were a joy to have on our day, made my anxiety float away, and you were such a graceful and talented photographer for our wedding!!! She made sure to have us our pictures back before we even got home from the honeymoon. Wonderfully professional and thoughtful, and her assistant photographer Brittany was such a sweetheart and talented, too. Hands down the best photographer in the area!!

Jacki & Alex

Wedding Photos

Wedding at The Standard, Rockford IL 


I'm at a loss for words (which doesn't happen very often). Every. Single. Photo. Is. Perfect. It's truly unbelievable how talented you are. We are so lucky to have had you. Thank you, from the bottom of our giant, full hearts. Please also extend a truly heartfelt thank you to your second shooter! I've posted reviews on each of your pages. If there is ever anything else that you need from Alex or I, please do not hesitate to reach out. So much love, Jacki

PS. EVERY person I've shown the gallery to insists on having you for their weddings. It's the exact same feeling I got after the first time I saw your work. You're totally amazing. - Jacki

I can barely find the words to express how deeply I recommend Mindy Joy Photography. We had the privilege of having Mindy capture the best day of our lives, our wedding. Prior to the wedding, many previous brides were so quick to give their biggest words of advice-- "Enjoy it, it goes by too fast". They were right. The day absolutely flew. In less than two weeks (12 days, to be exact), Mindy delivered our entire wedding gallery to our email. Every single picture is perfect. They're unstaged, completely beautiful, and showcase our raw emotion. As most brides do, I poured my soul into the details of our day, ensuring each variable was totally and completely "us". Now, I have Mindy's gorgeous work to help me relive the perfect day, over and over again. Mindy is so fun, makes you completely comfortable, and has such unbelievable skill in capturing beautiful candid photos. She even held my hand and helped me through an emotional part of the day. I will cherish her work for the rest of my life. Send her an email. Do it. Sign the contract. Right now. It's the best decision you'll ever make. - Alex

Michelle & Anthony

Wedding Photos

St. Peter's & Forest Hills Country Club

Hi, Mindy! Once again, you knocked it out of the park! We are seriously in awe and cannot stop looking at the pictures. You are incredible! We just have to say- your demeanor and attitude honestly made our day better. Not once did it feel like we were even posing for pictures. You are so professional, yet managed to make us comfortable and at ease (...and smiling through it all!). Please feel free to share the pictures online wherever you want. Thank you everything! We will be singing your praises! :)

Rachel & Connor

Following the wedding ceremony

Eagle Ridge Resort Wedding

Connor and I had the most perfect wedding day, and we owe so much of that to Mindy. We never felt like we were posing for photos, we were just living in the moment and she was there to capture every single detail. I would recommend Mindy in a heartbeat to any person with a photography need! It is hard to put into words the amount of gratitude we owe Mindy. From the very beginning Mindy was an absolute pleasure to work with, not to mention how much of a calming force she was on the wedding day. As a little background, my husband really dislikes having his photo taken. The fact that he was so pleased with the job Mindy did, and how much he enjoyed hanging around with her, was a huge testament to how amazing she is. Every single person who encountered Mindy mentioned to me how amazing the photographer was, by no means is this coincidence.

Kayla & Alex

Bride and Groom Portraits

Wedding at The Riviera, Lake Geneva

Where do I start? Mindy was above and beyond excellent. Before the wedding she created a timeline which I then used for the caterer, DJ, and other vendors. Huge organizational tool that really helped me out! Not only was she organized but very prompt the day of the wedding. She started shooting the moment she walked in the door. She captured moments you would never think could be captured. She had great ideas and was very quick and spontaneous. During our reception, she even took a selfie with me! That was fun. Tons of our guests also commented on her spunk. At one point she was down on the floor shooting photos of people dancing, it was awesome!!! She made sure my husband and I got every shot we wanted and even stayed late to shoot ONE more shot. I can't rave enough about her and her assistant. They made my wedding day a success and I can't thank them enough. Thank you Mindy for everything! I would recommend her to anyone for anything!

Katelyn & Dale

Katelyn and Dale

Williams Tree Farm

I am so grateful we chose Mindy to capture our wedding day. Even before the wedding, she was excellent to work with and especially helpful to me when I needed to come up with a wedding timeline. On the wedding day itself, she showed up right on time and ready to start shooting. She was laid back and easy for everyone to be around. She blended right in with us- there are moments that she captured that we didn't even know she was there for. Looking through all of our photos puts us right back there in that day and I can feel every emotion again. We have so many beautiful moments captured in gorgeous quality photos, that we can now cherish forever. She did an incredible job.

Rachel & Steve

Rock Cut Wedding Photos

Forest Ridge Events Center

Mindy Joy Photography went above and beyond all my expectations of professional, beautiful, wedding photography. First, I appreciated her wedding photography package, it was straightforward, covered all my wedding photography desires, and provided printing rights in the package price - a detail I did not find with other photographers. Mindy answered all of my questions quickly and helped me manage the wedding timeline. On the day of the wedding, Mindy wove herself into the wedding so she was not intrusive, yet able to photograph all the moments. She captured the small details of the wedding without even being asked, whether it was the guests’ emotions, the decorations, or the little glances between me and my husband. She continually communicated with me and listened to any special requests. At our location after the wedding ceremony, she used her experience and expertise to find unique locations to take pictures. All of my wedding party (12 people) individually pulled me aside to say that they loved Mindy; they loved that she was fun, willing to listen, and wanting us to be relaxed. I knew while taking pictures that the pictures were going to be unique, special, and natural photos. Wow, was I impressed when we received our pictures! I was blown away with how we could relive each emotion of the day. Overall, booking Mindy Joy Photography was one of the best decisions of our wedding. We now have beautiful, natural pictures that truly portrayed the spirit of our wedding. Thank you so much Mindy!

Bethany & Spencer

Downtown Bride and Groom Photos

Wedding at First Free Church and Katie's Cup

Mindy is fun, original, and incredibly invested in what she does. She cares deeply about her clients and will work hard to give them everything they are looking for in a wedding photographer. My husband and I found Mindy Joy Photography by searching for local wedding photographers for Rockford. We looked through portfolios of several different photographers, but her work stood out.

Mindy’s portfolio showed off her unique perspective, her creative eye, and the originality required to give each client a unique experience. We called and set up a time to meet, and we were blown away by how friendly and easy to work with Mindy was. The more we got to know her, the more we knew she would be the perfect person to help us capture our special day. Mindy is an expert at what she does—from the first meeting, through the planning process, and throughout the entire wedding day, she offers guidance and professionalism through out each step. She even helped us schedule our wedding day in the best possible way to use our time efficiently and to get all of the shots that we really wanted. Mindy went above and beyond what we could have asked for in our wedding photographer.

She truly exceeded all of our expectations. She even laid down in a puddle to get a shot she wanted! You truly could not find someone who is more talented, dedicated, and passionate about her work. For us, Mindy wasn’t just the photographer. She was really a part of the wedding. She interacted with us, our wedding party, and our families with so much kindness and authenticity, and she truly captured our wedding day in a way we never could have imagined.

Andrea and Rob

Wedding Pictures

Rotary Botanical Gardens, Janesville Wisconsin

Simply put, Mindy is phenomenal at what she does. My wife, Andrea, and I could not be happier with our experience with her, and we would recommend her without hesitation. In my view, she offers the perfect combination of a comforting demeanor, professionalism, competitive pricing, and artistic vision.

We met with Mindy for our initial consultation months before the wedding. She was always very punctual and prepared. Her laid back vibe fit right in with our family. She's also 100% professional and 100% dependable. Throughout the process, Mindy was attentive to our needs, answering our questions promptly, even as the busy wedding season got into full swing. Not once did we ever feel as if we weren't the most important client on her calendar, even though our wedding was very modest compared to most. That just goes to show how much she values each and every one of the couples she works with.

On the day of the wedding, Mindy's confidence immediately put us at ease. She helped us navigate that busy whirlwind of a day, but she also knew when to step back and follow our lead. Looking at the pictures, I'm amazed at how many moments she was able to document, particularly because she was always so unobtrusive. Not once did she interfere with the magic of our day, but she was certainly always right where she needed to be.

And about those pictures ... What can I say? Mindy has a way of capturing the beauty of the moment. We were in awe of all of our pictures. Every single one. And that feeling hasn't left us after the 50th viewing! No lie: We have enough amazing pictures for TWO albums.

One last thing: Mindy's turnaround time was impressive. Again, we didn't have the biggest wedding in the world, but I've heard horror stories about other couples waiting months and months before getting their images. Mindy gave us a sneak peak within a week, and we got our USB drive (in special, quality packaging to boot!) in less than three weeks.

I'm sure I'm missing things that some of you might want to know, but hopefully this review has managed to convey our complete satisfaction with Mindy. She's great, and you simply will not be disappointed. I get that there are a lot of options out there, but the service Mindy provides to couples on their biggest day is second to none.

Katie and Adam

The Bride and Groom in front of a Vine covered wall.

Court Street United Methodist Church & Rockford Women's Club

Mindy was our photographer for our wedding in October 2014. She was very flexible, laid back, and assertive. We had a blast with her and couldn't be happier with her work. She is truly awesome and I would recommend her in a heartbeat! Thank you so much, Mindy! We will treasure your amazing photos forever! Love, Katie and Adam Dreger

Heather and Matt

Autumn Portraits at Kilbuck Creek with the Bride and Groom

Kilbuck Creek

We really loved how you were able to capture our entire day so perfectly! I seriously can not stop looking at our photos! They are absolutely breath taking! You were so easy to work with, and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera! We loved how you were so open to our photo ideas, and having an assistant was such an awesome touch! We will truly enjoy these photos for years to come! And we would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion! You have gained loyal clients! We hope to work with you in the future!

Amy and Dave

Bride and Groom Portraits

Williams Tree Farm

We could not have asked for a better photographer for our wedding day! Mindy was able to capture some amazing moments throughout the day. Along with taking such such wonderful photos, we had a blast with her! Our whole family and wedding party felt at ease with Mindy and she made the whole process fun for everyone. Every person who we have shared our photos with has commented on what an awesome photographer we chose. We cannot recommend Mindy enough as a wedding photographer!

Emily and Adam

Bride and Groom Formals

Anderson Gardens | Prairie Street Brewhouse

I sent the link on to our families and they had the same reaction as we did, that you truly captured the day in such a natural way. Everyone had rave reviews! The pictures are just beautiful and I feel they really show the story of the day. Its so fun to look them over and see what else was going on with other people. I love the mix of posed pictures with random ones. I'm going to enjoy looking at these pictures for all the years to come, remembering this special day. We loved working with you! Your personality really matched our easy going style. 

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