Wedding Photos

Have questions? Have answers. 

So what's your style?

My style is an amalgamation of my personal artistic touch to a candid approach. My effort is to provide work that is reflective of the events, feelings, and moments of a wedding day. Whether it be a pivotal moment like "I do" or a quiet intimate glance, my aim is to document your wedding moment by moment. Short answer: It's real, it's laid back, it's professional. I don't want to interrupt your day, I just want to photograph it. 

Why do you only have one price package for weddings?   

I found that trying to work around hourly schedules was not the best way for me to photograph a wedding. It led to cramming too much into too little time, running behind schedule, putting undue stress on couples and families and benefits neither me or the client ultimately. Instead, I found a standard amount of time that works with most timelines and allows clients to stop worrying about which packages fit and to enjoy their wedding day.   

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Getting married during winter months or looking for only partial day coverage? Special rates may be available.  Special rates may also apply to destination weddings or elopements. While Mindy Joy Photography doesn't provide preferential treatment, I am interested in opening a line of dialogue to potential clients with unique circumstances.  

Do you have an second shooter?  

I use an assistant for almost all weddings. I do not rely on assistants as shooters heavily for weddings because I want to ensure that each part of your day is reflective of the work you hired me for! Often, assistants help with equipment setup and teardown, carrying bags, helping with lighting and supplemental angles for photographs throughout some of the day.

Can I have all the photos -- unedited?


When I deliver the final product to clients, it's a full and polished documentation of a wedding day. I aim to shoot efficiently, not over shoot and just hope one turned out. It is my belief, that when clients receive their full online gallery, that it can be viewed and digested at one time. Part of the final delivery ensures that there's no eye blinks, out-of-focus photos, or unsatisfactory images for clients to sift through. When I'm shooting, I'm actively dialing in settings, adjusting exposure, and framing my images. Like a painter adjusting a color palette, the images you receive are reflective of the intended final product. With that being said, wedding clients typically receive between 400-800 photos from me.

Do you have a portfolio I can review? 

Absolutely. Browse the wedding portfolio on this website. I consistently blog my latest sessions so feel free to click the "blog" tab to see more recent work. I always encourage clients to look through my work. There are full weddings you can view upon request.

What type of equipment do you use? 

I love using gear that helps to give me the images I want to make. 

Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

I have a lot of specific details outlined in the questionnaire I give to brides. There's also a section devoted for the images you'd like to have taken. On that note,  I can't always guarantee perfect sunsets and amicable weather... but I can work with it well. 

What information do you need from me before the wedding day?   

Everything I need is addressed in the contract and questionnaire I give to couples.  It's totally awesome and all-encompassing. 

Do you use backups? 

Yes, I absolutely utilize back ups. I bring back up cameras, lenses, batteries, and lights. My work day is not over when I'm done shooting a wedding, either! Once I'm home, wedding images are transferred to my computer and then to and external hard drive. The safety of your images is my priority. 

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