Weird Parking Garage Family & Graduation Photos

My friend, Sarah, & I were debating whether the weather on this cold dreary day was enough to make us reschedule photos. But we were determined. Sarah wanted something a bit different from her last portrait session several years ago, which had been a lovely early fall day with the most perfect golden hour light. This time, we had cold & wind & clouds, a far cry from what many photographers would deem the best conditions. However, when you have one of the best families around, weather just doesn't matter. 

We started at the Ironworks complex in Beloit, Wisconsin. There's a parking garage with several unique vignettes that are prime for backdrops. Wood walls, abandoned-esque warehouse vibes and industrial structures. Max, in all of his cool & weird, mustered up the right amount of graduation photo energy. The rest of the family traversed the various areas of the garage for their pictures... with several album cover photos. 

We ended with a family dinner at Truk't because everyone loves tacos. 

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