Late Summer Family Photos | Rock Cut State Park

Family Photos

I reflect more these days about family being the bedrock of my life. I think often of the gratitude in my heart for my own family and for the family that we're creating now. Whatever our purpose is in life & whomever it is that we consider our family – I believe it is a fact upon which all can agree that it is an integral branch of purposeful living.  Or, simply put, family teaches us a lot about how to do this whole life thing. 

Stephanie found my work on Instagram & something clicked. We decided on Rock Cut State Park for it's access to beautiful forests and prairies. It doesn't take much to make family photos though... just you & your family & the rest we do together.

I want you to play more, hug more, kiss more, laugh more. Those are the photos I love taking because when we look back at them... you can just feel it. See for yourself.  

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