Summer Downtown Rockford Graduation Photos with Anna

I will never ever be bored with photographing in downtown Rockford. I remember when I was in high school and I was taking a photography class... that's where I learned the dark room ropes. I'd take my mom's old Canon film camera and I walked around downtown finding people and small cityscapes to photograph. That was almost two decades ago and I'm still wandering the same streets taking photos. I often feel like I'm taking clients on a mini tour-de-Rockford... pointing out different landmarks, old shops & walking my favorite 1-2 block circuits. 

Fall seems to be ever delayed as the years go on but autumn in Rockford is always lovely. Ivy covered walls give hint to reds and oranges. But even the light has a tint of autumn to it. The sun is sneaking lower in the sky, casting golden light and freezing the particles of fall dust in the air. 

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