The Standard | Jaclyn & Alex

Wedding Photos

"I've been planning this for years. Even before I met Alex!" And she has. Jaclyn planned a pretty incredible day where she made time to relax, to have fun with her family and friends, she had a dream of what it'd all look like & most importantly – she had Alex had each other. 

The Standard was the perfect venue to compliment her vision of a romantic, modern & industrial backdrop for the celebration.  I'd tell you more, but I'm better showing things through photos, so take a look back through Jaclyn & Alex's wedding day from belly laughs to a rooftop ceremony to the tears of joy and memory. 

A special thanks to the following vendors for helping make Jacki and Alex's day great:

The StandardLuxe Productions

London Avenue Designs

Julie Michelle Cakes

RD Artistry

Luxe Productions

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