Small Town Wedding | Shannon IL

Daniel & Jessica's wedding was likely the most unique wedding I was able to photograph in 2021. I often joke that I don't meet or talk much with clients until the event itself. This was certainly the case here as I had little communication with the two as their wedding approached. Their questionnaire gave me all the details I needed to show up... but little did I know how beautifully interesting the day would be. 

Jessica was a printmaker & for those of you who are taking the time to read this and don't know, printmaking was my concentration when I received my BFA at Rockford University. She had converted an old auto garage in Shannon, IL to an apartment/printmaking studio and it was AMAZING. 

I've photographed my share of Catholic ceremonies, but I had never heard a priest call a groom the perfect example of a good practicing Catholic man until this wedding. It was apparent that their faith was paramount in their lives and the way they chose to celebrate their wedding. Daniel and Jessica's ceremony hosted a small orchestra and choir in the loft of St. Joseph's in Freeport. The rendition of hymns I heard a hundred times made the songs anew. 10/10, every wedding should have a choir. 

We made photo stops at Krape Park, Lanark and then back to Shannon for a backyard reception. 

Please enjoy these photos! 

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