Kahli & Scott | Grace Lutheran & Tebala Shrine

Wedding Party Photos

Ceeeeeeeeeeelebrate good times, c'mon! 

But seriously. Kahli and Scott's day was half dance party and half wedding. Kahli danced on the way to her First Look with Scott at Shorewood Park. Then we danced our way over to the Rock River for wedding party photos. Then we danced our way back on the party bus so Kahli and Scott could make it official at Grace Lutheran Church! 

After the ceremony, the dance party continued on our way over to Midway Village for some "just married" portraits with the bride and groom in that lovely autumn sunlight. When we got to Tebala Shrine, I got to see how they made the space uniquely their own with tons of uplighting, drapery, and awesome decor. After dancing their way in for announcements, they shared a first dance, and then had the WHOLE room come join for more dancing before dinner (see, I told you it was a dance party). 

After dinner, there was more dancing! All. night. long.  I think Kahli and Scott may still be dancing. Keep scrolling to see my favorite moments from their wedding day. 

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